Dry Time Pepper Field Blanket


Handwoven using traditional techniques.
100% wool. Generously weighted.
A blanket to be used in many ways over many years.

145cm x 125cm

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Each blanket takes two weavers four days to complete during which time over 7,000 cross ties will be knotted. The inspiration for the blanket patterns comes from the savannah land of the district where the weavers live. The ‘Dry Time Pepper Field’ pattern mimics a row of pepper plants as they cover a field that has been irrigated either by river water or a well during the eight month dry season.

A batch of three or four blankets will be made using the same colours after which a slight alteration in colour tone will be made. Each blanket is therefore part of a small limited edition that will not be repeated.

Each Boon & Up piece is handcrafted by the Dagaare weavers using simple traditional methods.