Babillay Coffee Blanket


Handwoven using traditional techniques.
100% cotton, and luxuriously weighty, thick and soft.

Hand grown, hand woven, hand stitched.

175cm x 140cm


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A luxuriously thick and weighty 100% cotton blanket that’s soft to touch and snuggle underneath. Our Babillay Blanket has been handwoven in 35cm strips by our women weavers using traditional techniques, and then securely handsewn with rows of cross-stitches by our seamstresses to create a 180cm x 140cm cover. Our cotton is grown by smallholder farmers in Africa and is designated carbon neutral.

The pattern of our Babillay blanket is based on the plumage of the Guinea Fowl, one of the original traditional patterns of the Dagaaba people of north Ghana.

Hand grown, hand woven, hand stitched.