Babillay Blue Blanket


Handwoven using traditional techniques.
100% cotton, and luxuriously weighty, thick and soft.

Hand grown, hand woven, hand stitched.

175cm x 140cm


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A beautiful handwoven blanket, thickly luxurious and soft, with individual cross stitching that runs along the length and width of each blanket. As a bedspread its weight aids sleep, as a sofa throw it radiates an air of rustic elegance, and as an outdoor blanket it fends off the chill of a late evening.

Our cotton is carbon-neutral and hand grown by African farmers; our women weavers then handweave the blankets on their traditional looms in north Ghana. Finally, our seamstresses securely hand stitch the blankets.

Hand grown, handwoven, handstitched. Handmade from start to finish.

Boon & Up is an ethical social enterprise and 20% of our profits are invested in projects that create further jobs in the community.