Brushwood Pen

All Boon & Up fabric is handwoven to a width of 110cm, and is 100% combed cotton, hand-grown by smallholder African farmers. Boon & Up fabric is tough, it passes 45,000 rubs on the Martindale test, however due to the way it is woven on traditional looms we highly recommend that our fabric is knit backed for any upholstery projects. This is a relatively inexpensive process, please get in touch with us for recommendations of companies that perform this task in your region.

Boon & Up fabric has also passed the flammability ‘cigarette test’ (BS5852:Part 1:1979:Source 0).



All our fabrics tell a story.

Our traditional patterns refer to local customs or an aspect of the savannah landscape of north west Ghana.

In dry season some farmers will continue to grow small amounts of crops by using a purpose built well. It is highly laborious and requires the whole community to participate if it is to be a success. Fences to keep out hungry animals will be created by piling up brushwood, and across the dusty landscape you will see these little pens that corral essential vegetables and root crops.