Kookoo Throw in White with Pink


Handwoven on traditional looms using 100% sustainable cotton.
A robust throw using a long-established Dagaare pattern.

150cm x 125cm

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This throw adds a depth to any look, indoors or outside. We have taken single ply cotton and asked our weavers to put it through their robust traditional hand looms to intentionally created a patina of imperfections across this throw that creates a timeworn texture and an instant ‘heirloom’. The throw is set off by a yellow stitching that runs up and down the length of the fabric.

Handwoven by Dagaaba women weavers of north Ghana using 100% carbon-neutral cotton grown by smallholder African farmers. The patterns are the weavers’ own, and the colour schemes of all our fabrics are taken from the hues that the Dagaaba people use to paint their houses.

Machine wash in cool water only. Steam iron if required.